Saturday, March 6, 2010


Dec. 3, 2009 my grandma, Gail was told she had cancer. As I heard these words from the month of my mother I really was not worried. I new that my Lord would take care of her. You see, growing up I always wanted to be like her. I wanted to have a family just like the one she had. Every time that they ate they sat at the dinner table. It was so cool. Something we did not have. Her and my grandpa we so happy, it was like the relationship that every man and woman should have! When I married my husband, Scott and we had are first fight I went to grandma and I told her what happened. She always new what to tell me to do to make it all ok. Her "little seceret". I found it odd that she new what to say, and it really worked binging that I had not seen her and grandpa fight before. I kept finding myself on her door for advice about what to do when things were going the way I thought they should. The way her and grandpa's love life was kept me motivated. Time and time again she told me the same thing... Then one day she told me how mad she was at grandpa, I was stunned. I listened to her talk, and you know, she was mad at him a lot!!!! But she always loved him and they always worked right thru it. Now I look at my marriage and I see it is perfect, just like hers. :) She is so strong. I know that her faith in what the Bible says about marriage kept hers strong, as will the faith about God's promise will keep her strong with her illness. I still want to be just like her. I would love to just take some of the load off her. Today I seen her hair just falling out, and to me she is just as lovely as ever. I know that God is going to keep her safe and hold her in his hand. Grandma has always been my back bone growing up, and now it is my turn to give her some faith.

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